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You are invited to join us for our annual CEPA Speaker Series. We are pleased to offer a diverse group of speakers, which allows for meaningful discussions among students, faculty and experts in education.


3:30-4:45pm in Gentry 142

Kirabo Jackson
Professor of Human Development and Social Policy
Northwestern Institute for Policy Research

Co-Presented by the UConn Department of Economics


11:00am-12:30pm in Gentry 142

Crystallizing Coaching:
A Study of the Institutionalization of Instructional Coaching
in Charter Management Organizations and Public School Districts


Sarah Woulfin 
Associate Professor
Neag School of Education


Spring 2018 CEPA Speaker Series

Nathan Jones at CEPA speaker eventFEB 8, 2018

Measuring Effective Special Education Instructions
in the Era of Teacher Evaluation Reform” with

Nathan Jones
Assistant Professor of Special Education at Boston University

Attendees at Liz Cascio CEPA speaker eventFEB 13, 2018

“Does Universal Preschool Hit the Target? 
Program Access and Preschool Impacts” led by

Liz Cascio
Associate Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College

Co-sponsored by The Department of Public Policy

Matthew Steinberg at CEPA speaker eventFEB 26, 2018

"The Direct and Indirect Effects of Closing Urban Schools on Students’ Academic and Behavioral Outcomes: Evidence from Philadelphia" featuring

 Matthew Steinberg
Assistant Professor from the University of Pennsylvania

Co-sponsored event with The UConn Department of Economics

Doug-StaigerMAR 26, 2018

"School District Reform in Newark: Within-and Between-School Changes in Achievement Growth"

 Doug Staiger
Professor in Economics from Dartmouth College

Co-sponsored event with The UConn Department of Economics

Beth SchuelerAPR 19, 2018

"A Third Way: The Politics of School District Takeover and Turnaround in Lawrence, Massachusetts" led by

 Beth Schueler
Postdoctoral Research Fellow from Harvard University

Fall 2017 CEPA Speaker Series

Shaun Dougherty during a CEPA panel discussion on 9.21.17

SEPT 21, 2017

“The Many Faces of Teacher Policy: How Incentives, Accountability, and Context are Shaping the Profession”

featured speakers:

Ethan Hutt of the University of Maryland
Michael A. Gottfried of the University of California —
Santa Barbara
Brooks Bowden of North Carolina State University
Shaun M. Dougherty of UConn’s Neag School of Education

Sarah TurnerOCT 10, 2017

Measuring Opportunity in
U.S. Higher Education with

Sarah Turner
Professor of Economics
Curry School of Education &
Department of Economics
from the University of Virginia

Co-sponsored with the Department of Economics

kara s finnigan

NOV 2, 2017

The Politics of Regional Equity: Mobilizing Civic Capacity to Address Segregation with
Kara S. Finnigan
Associate Professor of
Educational Policy from the
University of Rochester,
Warner School of Education

George Spencer visiting as a CEPA speaker

DEC 13, 2017

Promoting the Attainment-to-Transfer Pathway: Effects of Transfer Associate Degree Policies Across States
George Spencer

Dean's Fellow at the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

Spring 2017 CEPA Speaker Series

Jorge AgueroFEB 22, 2017

Jorge Agüero, assistant professor, Department of Economics and El Instituto at the University of Connecticut spoke about “School Quality and Behavioral Responses: Evidence From the Expansion of the School Day in Peru”.

Susanna Loeb during a CEPA speaker discussionMAR 27, 2017

Susanna Loeb, Barnett Family Professor of Education, Stanford UniversityOne Step at a Time: The Effects of an Early Literacy Text Messaging Program for Parents of Preschoolers”.

Ana M. Martínez Alemán at a CEPA speaker seriesAPR 12, 2017

Ana M. Martínez Alemán, associate dean for faculty and professor of the Educational Leadership and Higher Education Department at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education spoke on “A Platica on the Impact of Race on College Teaching and Learning”.

 Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell with Morgaen Donaldson and Robert Cotto APR 20, 2017

Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell, shared "Them That’s Got: How Tie Formation in Partnership Networks Gives High Schools Differential Access to Social Capital” at a recent CEPA event.

Fall 2016 CEPA Speaker Series

Peter YoungsSEPT 27, 2016

Peter Youngs, Associate Professor at the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia, who spoke on "The Role of Social Context In Novice Teacher Development".

Amy Ellen SchwartzOCT 25, 2016

Amy Ellen Schwartz, professor, Daniel Patrick Moynihan Chair in Public Affairs, Maxwell School, Syracuse University on “The Impact of Universal Free Meals on Student Outcomes”.

John PapayNOV 9, 2016

John Papay, assistant professor of education and economics, Population Studies and Training Center at Brown University joined CEPA folks to discuss “The Effects of School Turnaround Strategies in Massachusetts".

Sean CorcoranDEC 7, 2016

Sean Corcoran, associate professor of education economics, Steinhardt School, New York University spoke about “Leveling the Playing Field for High School Choice Through Decision Supports: A Randomized Intervention Study” as part of CEPA's fall speaker series.